How to buy IOTA

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You can now buy IOTA at Bitfinex!

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The following video will show you, step by step, how to buy IOTA on Bitfinex.

Step 1: Create an account using an account name, your e-mail and a secure password
Step 2: Insert this referral code for reduced trading fees: Tj4A8yUUDB
Step 3: Create account and verify your e-mail
Step 4: Once logged in, select 'Bitcoin' under balances and then 'Deposit'
Step 5: Send your Bitcoin to the address provided and wait for it to confirm and be shown in your balance
Step 6: Once confirmed, use the order form to place a bid for IOTA

It is important to note that IOTA is listed on Bitfinex in Miota units (1 Miota = 1,000,000 iota)