The Foundation

The IOTA foundation consists of dedicated and talented people with a proven track record of getting things done properly and is the public organization behind IOTA.

Most important members of the Foundation are David Sønstebø (IOTA founder), Dominik Schiener, Serguei Popov (Mthcl) and Sergey Ivancheglo (Come-from-Beyond).

The foundation will be kept lean in order to keep it efficient and organised but is very open to members that want to contribute (submit an E-mail to [email protected] including a short biography about yourself as well as how much free time you have per week).

In order to establish the Foundation, the community fulfilled the goal to donate 5% of the total IOTA supply, which is used by the foundation to do development work.

Here is a brief summary of the work the foundation does:

  • Initiate C and RUST core client development.
  • Attend Internet-of-Things and Blockchain/Distributed ledger conferences and hackathons in an active role.
  • In collaboration with some big holders give out development-bounties.
  • Be able to strengthen the brand and raise awareness of IOTA in all capacities.
  • Bring on companies and organizations, especially those focused on Internet-of-Things and blockchain.
  • Essentially realize the vision which started the R&D of IOTA.
  • Be the de facto public organization behind IOTA.

Even though the Foundation is the central body of IOTA, the effort behind the project is still community-centric. This means that anyone can (and should) help to promote IOTA and ensure its success - whether they are part of the Foundation or not.

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